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Mind Magick is the divine gift, a beautiful token, spiritual, and mental expression. The power within the mind, heart, and soul to bring forth life in all forms of creativity.

The sounds of the music, the flow of the poetry, and the visually strange, all where created in the mind, to help one another, awaken to the soul within as well as without.

Illusionistic, concepts, beyond the veils of reality, the power is a tool, a gift, a special ability, that in some way we all possess, deep within the realms of our unconsciousness.

Designed to show what mere communication cannot always express, the love of ALL, and the fear of many, welcome to the eternal collective, of

(c) william j dorsett,aka Merlinawakend.
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You can find William J Dorsett in person by searching "mindmagickcreations" on google maps or google earth

William J Dorsett.

   He has many names including merlinawakend and the San Diego Rose Man.
William is an artist of many talents; he paints with acrylics, spray paints, paint pens, fabric paints, as well as draws with pens, pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, and chalks. He also plays guitar, create music on the pc, sings, costume acting, performance art, writes stories, songs and poetry, creates a plethora of ideas thoughts and concepts, and tries to help people how he can when he can. He can also cook some tasty meals and is working on a cook book.
There is much to William J Dorsett and not everything can be covered on one page alone, but some of the basics are located on this page as well as more information about Mind Magick Creations, and some of the people affiliated with MMC.
William J Dorsett the basics
William was born in Ft Worth, Texas October 24th 1977. He was raised by his grandparents in Weatherford, Texas after his mother died from leukemia in 1978. He spent his childhood and much of his early adult life on their farm in Texas.  After their passing William uprooted and transplanted himself in San Diego, California where he learned how to weave palm leaves which began his journey to his profession.
     Now William works in the harbor of San Diego, Ca, off ash and harbor drive by Anthony's fish grotto weaving roses and other things and giving them to tourist traveling abroad for donations. He also sells his paintings that he sometimes creates live on the street or the beach. William is also involved in many other projects and ideas. He has created over 6 cds worth of music, much of which is unreleased, he is working on a you tube series which he has planned to be released in November of 2010. William has a connection with source energy that is uncanny especially when he is in creative mode. Investors would do well to get to know this man of many talents as some of his ideas if funded properly could be very profitable. 
    Be sure to check the services page if you are looking to book something creative for a party, event or wedding you are promoting or hosting. Remember there is much more to William than just art, and he has many interesting performing and creative friends. 

The many incarnations of William J Dorsett:
     William J Dorsett's online name, you can find many interesting writings and music should you search this name.
San Diego RoseMan.
    This is his nick name in the harbor of San Diego. The name was given to him by the San Diego Union Tribune, during an article written about his battle against the port authority over violation of first amendment rights.  (Read  the San Diego Union Tribune Artists Restrictions article here)  William J Dorsett performs in the harbor weaving roses, hearts, crosses, insects, animals, and other things out of palm leaves. He also tells the ( Forever Rose Story) of how the rose is made which usually gets people laughing. He can weave the rose without looking and often throws roses out to tourists as they walk by him on the harbor. He accepts donations for the things he makes out of palm leaves, and puts smiles on many faces. 
Flash the Gorilla 
    Flash is a strange Gorilla who wares a trench coat and walks the streets at night flashing his banana at unsuspecting victims.  He can also be found bothering local store owners for bananas or dancing at a club with the lovely ladies.
He also does stupid monkey tricks, plays guitar and sings well grunts his favorite songs.  You Can see Videos of flash the gorilla here 
The food alchemist
This is the name William J Dorsett is writing his cook book under. 
The artist:
just watch these videos to see him doing his art.   ten thirty valid skateboard design,  spray paint vol 7 or just visit the gallery page to see images of W.J.D.'s art. 
William's Friends: 
 Creative people William appreciates and works with on various projects.

The San Diego Silver Man.  This statue is illusive and sometimes difficult to reach, yet William J Dorsett knows his secret identity and connect you with the San Diego Silver Man if you are looking to hire a statue/mime/robot for your party or event. In the mean time check out some of his youtube videos here: Silverman Time Lapse ,  a rare interview with San Diego Silver Man ,  san diego silverman breakin off the beats,  Silver man gets a ticket. )  
You can find more videos of the San Diego Silver Man on you tube, just search his name.
"are you a busker? do you find it hard to deal with the laws and the police and would like help on knowing how to deal with the laws and being a busker.. then  check out the facebook page for buskers in san deigo.. san diego buskers.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/sdbuskers/


also in association with Tragic Tantrum, 
Angelique "the living music box"

Morph Suits:
Suits you can run jump and drink in

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More Friends to be mentioned soon