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Mind Magick Creations has a wide variety of services offered involving creative and artistic talents, you can learn about those services here: 

Creative services:
San Diego rose man, Palm leave artists
will make art and teach lessons for $100 per hour for parties. Lessons are $30 per hour per person or $50 per person for 2 hours, unless it is a party for children.
Flash the gorlilla $ 100 per hour, or $300 for 4 hours.
Live painting, acrylics $20 sprays $15 per hour plus com from sales.
Art lessons $30 per person 1 hour
$50  per person 2 hours
Morph Man will appear at patrties for $75 per hour.

Investors contact us if you are looking for some new and interesting ideas to invest into!
MMC has several project concepts underway that could create  enormous income potential.
Ideas range from vacation resorts with extravagant themes,
to a few interesting reality show ideas
to odd movie ideas,
Inventions involving camping, electric cars and concepts for  various gigs,
a new type of traveling circus and so much more.  Take time to send and email to Merlinawakend@yahoo.com to discuss any of this in further detail.
many blessings with love and light in life and death.
William J Dorsett


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