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The San Diego RoseMan's Recycled Palm Leaf Art:
     Below are items all made from palm frond leaves. There are two main types of leaves that William Dorsett
work with, one is the Washingtonia Robusta (mexican fan palm) and Washingtonia Filifera (desert fan palm).
The mexican fan palm is smaller and lacks the strength of the desert fan palm.  Most of the pictures posted
are with mexican fan palm, although picture 5 in  the top row of roses was made with desert fan palms.
In the harbor when I am busking I accept donations for the roses ann such, and a no less than $5.donation on bouquets. 
Considering shipping costs I must include the cost of shipping at $10.per order. On the web the prices are simple: .  $5 per single item such as a rose, an animal, or a novelty. $10 per 3 single items or for bunched items, such as bouquets and baskets. $20 for 3 bunch Items or the grab bag special where you get one of each item listed below, plus several bunches of roses in multiple colors is only $50.
Please list the items you would like when ordering. To order click the donate button at the bottom of the page, list what you want and pay the total amount for items and shipping. 
I now have the basic palm weaving instruction video on youtube, but it is set up as private. to get the url go to the donate button on the products page, donate 20 dollars and be sure to put your email address in the dscription, and I will send you the link for the palm weaving instruction video. The video shows you how to make roses, crosses, hearts, dragon flies, grasshoppers, scorpions, balls, fish, turtles, and ufos... I will be working on a second video sometime in the very near future. but for now BAsic Palm weaving 101 is now ready to be viewed and all you need is to donate and you will get the url, it wont change so you can go back and view it any time, just please don't share the link with anyone  or post it to your blogs or social networking sites. thank you have a blessed day.  



 Single Rose                          3 rose bunch               6 rose bunch          basket


animals/Bugs and more:
bee                                    Snail                           Grashopper/Cricket    Turtle                       Fish

Dragon fly                 lobster                        star fish                     pelican eating fish    seagul

 Scorpion                   humming bird             frog                           snake

 rose in heart       Special Rose Heart              cross w/rose              ufo                             ball
airplane                       finger trap                      surfer                        angel
  Meditating man                     fisherman                                                            lovers
          rose man under a plam tree with a rose                        man playing guitar                        guy on motorcycle
  hula girl                                                     angel holding a cross                         angel of death
   knight with sword and shield              lovers sitting under palm tree                    look at all the lovely people gather for a concert


 More Samples


Larger pics of some of the samples.
 Many Blessings With Love and light through life and death. 
  Palm Weaving lessons:
  $30 per person per hour, or $50 per person for 2 hours
Call 619 600 9540 to set up an appointment.