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As of 1/12/2014
Happy New Year... and to ring in the new year I now have some of my spray paint art for sale as prints. I am now working with fine arts of america so that I can sell prints of some of my best spray paint designs.. The selection is currently limited, but check back from time to time to see possible updates to that selection..  You can See and order the Prints Here 
Also I am Currently working on getting my superhero and sci-fi paintings as prints as well, if of course I am legally able to sell them. lots of new developments coming in 2014 so be sure to check back often./. Once again Happy new years and many blessings.
as of 12 /23/2013 I have added lots more to the t shirts,, check it out.
a of 12/2/2013 I have updated my cafepress t shirt site... you can now buy various forms of my art on t shirts,, and I will be updating the shirt lists often.. check back at least once a month to find new shirts and other stuff avalible to buy online at cafepress.com here is the link 

as of 7/14/2013
I have just finnished writting a how to article (pdf) on how to quit smoking. This was based on how I quit last year...
Also  I have ben fighting for buskers rights in san diego. working with the mayor to try and change city codes  to  reflect the constitutional protection that buskers have. will update more on the subject as it happens. but for now check out my how to qut smoking guide pdf bellow.. its free, but if you actually use the adfvice within and you quit it owuld be awesome if you dontate 5 dollars to my pay pal acount... you can do that by  using my email address merlinawakend@yahoo.com or by going to the palm art page on this site.... anyways without further ado here is the guide to stop smoking.,

as of 5/22/2013 I was interviewed by the voice of san diego... you can read that interview here  http://voiceofsandiego.org/2013/05/21/what-the-port-can-teach-filner-about-first-amendment-permiting/

as of 5/5/2013 a ew months back there was a victory in the situation with the port, i saw victory but it was a small win considering the injusticve that was created by the port and the port police. Regarless i had a meeting wih members of the port and was able to get permission to continue working the harbor of san diego.  In other news I am again able to transport all of my art to the harbor.. I have spray paintings for sale once again, and bring all kinds of other art that I make... I am creating lots of new things... and fora better update of the happenings wqithin mindmagickcreations, and to see how the art has progressed over the years check out my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MindMagickCreations/141027482623679

as of 11/28/2012 
Hey could you help pass my petition around, the man at the san diego port wants to keep san diego artists down. They have cited me twice for vending when as an artist I am protected by the 1st amendment of the constitution. here is the link to the petition. please share and sign. thanks .http://www.change.org/petitions/the-port-of-san-diego-ca-and-the-san-diego-harbor-police-stop-violating-artists-1st-and-14th-amendment-rights#

as of October 16th the port of san diego has made it very clear they want to remove me and my palm leaf art from the harbor.. They have said that my work is not art, but rather handicrafts. they have prohibited handcrafts from the port in their code 8.05 vending and performers amended... They have cited me for doing my work in the harbor and have told me I may deal with further consequences. I am protected by the first amendment as an artist. The port claims that I don't make art. They have done this before a couple of times but I have been very nice  and lety it go on word of mouth they wouldn't harras me any more.. the last time this happend was about a year ago, and I even have a news article from the time before that.  
Union Tribune "artists restrictions" article
to learn more about this please visit the mind magick creations facebook page... and feel fre to give the port a call mentioning how  you feel about this... also feel free to like and comment on the facebook page...
MMC is looking for legal help as we are prepaired to suit the port over these constitutional violations and many years of harrasment... If anyone knows of any good lawyers that will take the case on a  consignment please contact me... thank you very much and many blessings... 

as of october 2nd 2012
MMC will bve painting live and displaying art at the W hotel downtown san diego for two nights this october... for a special glamour and glow event, check the link for details.   Glamour and Glow 

I have artwork hanging at Giorginio's in golden hills... check this link  Giorginio's  

I am creative dirrector of a company called Tyrant Graphics,  we are selling shirts. we have limited designs right now as we are in the opening  stages but we are coming out with many designs. We also will be doing promotional t shirts and custom orders. If you want your logo on a shirt of high quality cotten, then Tyrant Graphics is the place to get your shirts.

as of  6/9/2012
one week from today i will be doing a side show act at feast of hammers... at queen bee's cultural art center in north park san diego... doors open at 7 get tickets with a 5 dollar discount online or pay at the door regular price.. ( i will be swinging my banana as flash the gorilla. hope to see lots of you there. :) https://www.facebook.com/ events/387819301262077/ 
The Mind Magick Facebook page is up and running check it out, there are more pics of the art work there...  MindMagickCreations Facebook page 
as of March 17th 2012 I have added a new page to the site called wearable art... On this page you can see painted clothing that I make... I can paint on any material, and any style of clothing, so go check it out, perhaps you would like me to add some flair to your style.... 
as of jan 18 2012. happy new year. sorry it has been so long since I have updated. I have been very busy working on many projects. one of them is adding a new page to this site, its called , " wearable art." check it out, its a small collaboration of all the clothing i have painted on... Btw I can paint clothing for you, just email me at merlinawakend@yahoo.com, and we will talk more about it...
I am also looking for people who are interested in helping me market wearable art. If you have contacts in the fashion field, please contact me at the email address above.
If you have not heard of sopa and pipa, please look these terms up on google. today many sites went black in protest of the sopa and the pipa.... many blessings,
and happy new year....
AS OF 8 21 2011
I now have the basic palm weaving instruction video on youtube, but it is set up as private. to get the url go to the donate button on the products page, donate 30 dollars and be sure to put your email address in the discription, and I will send you the link for the palm weaving instruction video. The video shows you how to make roses, croses, hearts, dragon flies, grasshoppers, scorpions, balls, fish, turtles, and ufos... I will be working on a second video sometime in the very near future. but for now BAsic Palm weaving 101 is now ready to be viewed and all you need is to donate and you will get the url, it wont change so you can go back and view it any time, just please don't share the link with anyone  or post it to your blogs or social networkin sites. thank you have a blessed day. 
as of 5.25.2011
I have added new pics to the products, portfolio, acrylics and black light pages. There are new items in products page including a surfer made of palms.  The morphtron suit is done you can see it in the portfolio and read about the creative process in the blogs section under the blog weaving through life.

as of 3 21 2011
I have added a few new pics to the spray painting page, also, I am now available at the Oceanside sunset market thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm every week. I am still working on the tron suits and have been held back by technical difficulties with the suits, but should have this resolved soon, which mean pics should be up soon. also you may see new art uploaded on my facebookpics page I will have the link in the portfolio page...

as of 2.1.2011
Happy new year, wow I have been so busy I haven't been around in a while. I have uploaded some new art on the acrylics page as well as on the spray paintings page.
I have completed painting a second morph suit which is on the acrylics page and will be working on tron themed morph suits very soon.
I am working on many great new projects coming this year so keep your eyes open.
Also I have been writing several new blogs and am located on google maps and earth just search for mindmagickcreations artisan.
as of 11/23/2010
I have 90% of the site complete. All art has its own section now.
I also have music uploaded to the music page along with lyrics to the songs with vocals.
also on the top mmc videos page I have videos up of palm roses and the rose story, 
and video of the spray paint art, and of various art I have  done.
Also on the top mmc page, you will find videos that I enjoy watching and find inspirational.
I have been working with www.morphsuits.com and have posted a painted suit that was a test pieace. it is posted on the acrylics page, the portfolio page and the blacklight page.
When I have the commissioned piece done, it will be posted as well.
The site is almost fully operational, so please look around and enjoy the world of MMC!
as of 11/8/2010
I have been working on many creative projects, for now though other than that little hint I must keep this hush hush till things are underway. The site is moving along nicely, I have added a counter to the home page, and music to greet visitors. :) I also have finnished the acrylics page and the black light page, and have added music and some lyrics to the music page, added poetry to the blogs and poetry page and have done quite a bit of updating to the site so please take a tour of all the pages, as time goes by more and more will be update.

as of 9/25/2010 MMC is being updated till further notice. several new pages have been added as the portfolio page has just too much art. it will soon just have some of my favorite paintings. Some of the new pages will actually be host for the full library of work completed under said medium.  Also added was a music page which I plan to have mmc music up and streaming on as soon as possible. And the videos page, which I will host the most popular youtube videos that MMC has produced.  I am doing all the work myself, and obviously am busy working with the roses and art, so I have very little time to work on this site, but I will put in some effort each day that I can to improve the user-friendliness of it. there is much more to come to this site so please keep checking back often, and check the news page regularly because you never know when there will be an update.

thank you so very much for visiting. many blessings,

William J Dorsett (the san diego rose man) 

Painting at glamor and glow for www.westcoastclublife.com on 9 18 2010 was a success. I sold a few paintings, and was getting attention all night. I even painted on a few people. May be at glamor and glow in Vegas for 10/30/2010 will update with the info if I am working it.
This site is still being build, at a very slow pace, there will be many changes in the next few months so please keep checking back!