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Q: where did you learn how to make the roses?
A: When I first moved to San Diego, 6 years ago, I met a man named Cris who was making the roses in the harbor, he said he came to town from L.A. to work a couple of weeks. I shared some beers with him and talked to him for a while then asked what it would take to get him to teach me. He asked me why i wanted to learn to which i replied, "because I am an artist, I just moved here, and I am kinda shy, I think it would be a great way to meet women.  He told me that if I bought a case of beer and went to the beach with him and helped im drink it he would teach me.
So i bought the case of beer, we walked to the trolley and proceeded out to ocean beach. on the way he showddme how to make it. when I made a half way decent rose he told me to give it to this girl that was sitting two rows in front of us. he said if she smiles you pass.
she smilled. the rest of the night I drank with him on the beach and passed out roses to women on the beach, which got a me a ride back to town from the beach. :)
over the years after that I slowly learned different skills in weaving, from books, internet, and meeting random people who are visiting from their countries. also I have created my own designs by mixing these skills.
Q: when did you learn how to make the rose?
a: September of 2004
Q: what all can you make out of palm leaves? 
a: many things, over 180 different things though the main things I make are on the products page of this site.
there are though a few seasonal things I make that aren't up on the page.
for comic con, i can make an x wing fighter.
durring the summer i make throwing stars, swords and fish on a fishing pole.
I also make matts, plates, baskets, neck ties, bracelets, headbands, shoes, all kinds of other things. but my aniamls are limited to the ones on the products page.
so if you dont see something and are curious if i make it, just ask, maybe I can if I put my mind to it.
Q: how did you learn spray painting?
a: I saw it in vegas, and in texas when I was younger, and have been painting my whole life.
 one day when I was in mexico I saw a man do it and watched him for a ood hour and a half, then went home and tried it. a few days later i looked up on the net the basic supplies and watched a couple of you tube videos and tried again. then i practiced over the years and cotinued learning more from expirince.